LiON box S – space-saving universal 36 V e-bike charging station (wallbox): Direct charging via bike frame

  • Design (incl. language for text on cover) can be customised on request! Our service team looks forward to your enquiry by email to

  • Connect and charge e-bikes directly via the charging socket on the bike frame - without an extra charger, without removing the battery, intuitive and convenient.

  • Best charging technology - 4 ampere charging current, highest energy efficiency on the market, automatic pre-charging mode for discharged batteries, automatic switch-off when maximum charge is reached.

  • The 3-plug LiON Splitter charges three of the most common battery systems! Customisable and future-proof thanks to simple replacement Options!

  • Even greater universality with the new LiON Splitter generation and the new Rosenberger plug for BMZ, Brose and Specialized.

  • Small, slim, lightweight and easy to install - as soon as the mains plug is inserted, the wallbox is ready for use!

998,41 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
  • Available immediately